Long San, Here I Come

The next research field trip is to Long San, a Kenyah settlement which is located at the Baram area. It was believed that Long San might be the exact origin place of the Kenyahs based on few findings. A typical Kenyah longhouse will consist of a longhouse and unfortunately, few years back the longhouse was burnt down.

Long San has a village clinic, a primary school (SK St. Pius), a secondary school (SMK Datuk Temenggong Oyong Lawai Jau), a Catholic mission and it has an airport too. I used to study at the primary and secondary school back then. It was my first time life experience as a boarder and living in a convent for 2 years. 😉

Long San was chosen simply because it acted as a ‘transit’ place for those villagers who reside along the Baram river for medical treatment, for education, for business transaction or to get a flight to the nearest town apart from opting the 4wd vehicle transportation mode. Due to this fact, it had also attracted the Penans and some of them had settled down at Long San itself. 🙂

This time round, the team will board on a Twin Otter plane to Long San unlike our first field trip using 4wd vehicle transportation mode. This morning, I received my e-ticket for my next research field trip. The journey will take approximately 1 hour 10 minutes and I can’t wait to hop on that small plane again (some dislike boarding on a twin otter, probably they don’t have strong heart like me). It is like riding on a roller-coaster especially during bad weather. ;p

im using maswing twin otter plane

Apart from that, I’ve got my life jacket too. This time round, the field trip will involve traveling via boat powered with outboard engine to reach the Penan settlements along the Akah river.

that's my life jacket and first aid kit box

I can forsee it’s gonna be a trip full with adventures, thrill and fun. It’ s gonna be first time experience for some of my team member to a remote area deep in the Borneo forest but for me, it’s like going back to the great old days as a boarder.

I can’t wait to go back and I’ll be leaving on this 24th Sept.  🙂

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