Lunch Date with Linut aka Ambuyat

It started when one of my colleague mentioned about Linut prior to lunch period.

What is ‘Linut’?
Linut is a starchy bland substance, where it is made out of the interior trunk of a sago palm. It is also one of the famous delicacy among the indigenous people of Sarawak and Sabah. In Brunei, the same dish is better known as Ambuyat. The dish is best complimented with ‘sambal belacan’ but one may also have it with other side dishes such as curry gravy, fish, veges or practically with anything that suit your taste buds.

You see, I have 3 packet of fresh sago paste at home and the girlfriends have been planning on having ‘linut’ lunch in the office but somehow the plan has never been materialised as we were too busy with office work or the person who know how to mix the sago paste is not available.

The thing with ‘linut’ is you need to know the mixing technique really well (equal portion of boiling water and warm water followed by a non stop consistency mixing the sago paste until it turn into white sticky substance) otherwise it can’t be eaten due to too watery or it has harden.

So, there you go, it is not easy to prepare one.
Until, one of my colleague told us that there’s a shop in town offers ‘linut’ in their menu hence the ‘linut’ hunting adventure.

There you have it.

If you like to give a try on one of Sarawak delicacy – Linut, look far no more coz I highly reckon you this place – Selihah Cafe & Catering. As this post is not a promotion for the mentioned place (full address will be provided if I do full food review-on request basis), fret not coz the place can be easily located. It is just next to Ipoh Kopitiam Saberkas.

I definitely will be back here again.
Till next post! 🙂

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