Making Friends

When it comes to make new friends, I used to be judgmental on them; be it on their characters, be it the way they talks, be it on their dressings…in short, I judge them from every single corner of their personalities.

I end up having less friends, in fact my circle of friends were actually my classmates. While at home, I became friend to myself. I became a timid person. I have low self esteem. Most of the time, I felt lonely. 🙁

Along the way, the judgmental character in me has totally changed. That happens when I get myself involved in a beauty pageant. I always have the desire to look good; in other word looking beautiful. I remembered during my childhood, I’ll be the one who will get myself ‘glue’ in front of the tv, held the tv’s remote control to myself (to avoid the other family member changing the channel) simply because I do not want to miss any single second of the Miss World beauty pageant. I would fantasize my favourite participant as myself walking graciously in front of the crowd and smiling all the way through.

Surprisingly, that fantasy did come true one day…well, not Miss World level, it was state level instead. From there, I officially see myself as a social butterfly. My circles of friend has expanded; from young to old. I love my friends. ;p

As time pass by, I grew wiser and I realized being judgmental on meeting people the very first time, wasn’t the right thing to do. It has its own good and bad. At times, you might judge people wrongly and at times, you might judge people correctly. But then again, only time will tell how right or wrong you are in this.

To me, if you are sincere in making new friends, you would try the very best effort to make them feeling comfortable with your presence. I believe by doing so, it will build the sense of confidence and the feeling of acceptance can be seen. From there it will lead to a bigger circle of new friends. Trust me. 😉

New friends come in many ‘form’; they could be children, teenagers, adults, transvestites’, gays, lesbians, homosexuals, handicapped or not, divorcee or widower, we just need to be ready to accept them as what they are. Honestly, your attitude in accepting them in your life for the first time will leave a lasting impression; it might be bad and it might be good.

I also find that it is not wrong or even awkward about a girl approaching a guy for a contact number, a date or whatever because it could be just her way of making friend. But then again, who am I to stop this judgmental people out there by doing so. It’s their call and also it’s your call to response to their judgments.

So to those loners out there, when you meet new faces, do not be extremely judgmental by looking for reasons to dislike the person because that person can sense it.


  1. Sileast20

    24 October, 2007 at 6:14 am

    Funny how this post is actually the opposit of what I am doing now….I use to be a people person, alot of friends and so on…but now I am starting to move away from the crowd …probably because of the way things happen to me…..Long story…

  2. Mystery LadyBird

    24 October, 2007 at 7:09 am

    Sileast – well tats life i guess, don u thk so bro?? neway, hang on ter, u’ll neva knw wat’s hs been prepare 4 u..;)

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