Malaysian Election Observers Network (MEO-Net)

Sarawak is one of the states forming the country of Malaysia.
This month, Sarawak is the centre of global attraction due to the recent dissolution of its state cabinet (yes, Sarawak is going government-less’ now). The candidate nomination day was held on the 6th April 2011 and the voting day will fall on the 16th April 2011.

I’ve never vote before and this time round, I’ll be casting my vote for the first time.

With the heat of campaigning going on by both parties (BN component parties and opposition parties) at this time of my life, I somehow begin to question myself. When a victory is achieved, how transparent is the election to the public eye? As a registered voter, do you really know your right as a voter?

I don’t actually until I met Ong Boon Keong who is the Mission Chief of Malaysian Election Observers Network (MEO-Net). For a start, I think it is good to be an observer in order to understand the rule of the game. I think it’s also one way of me giving back to the community by creating awareness.

For that, I hereby officially associated myself with MEO-Net.

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