Memoir of Faridah

Who is Faridah?
Faridah is an oriental pied species of hornbill. She is the partner to a male oriental pied hornbill named Jimmy. Both of them decided to build their home at Piasau Camp: a cleared forest area built in the 50s that was turned into housing area for SHELL employees. Both of them made their life complete when Ah Kaw, Ah Moi, Nong and Utet were born.

By nature, hornbill lives up high on trees in the forest but as for Faridah and the family, they are relatively tame and friendly birds (probably they just have to as part of their survival skill in the urban area) and that made them special where it attracted the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) community to conduct a study on them.

I get to know from Musa Musbah, Chairman of MNS Miri chapter via FB Page (Save Piasau Oriental Pied Hornbill-by invitation only), he has closely monitored on daily basis and studied Faridah’s family for the last 2 years. He can even communicate with them.

The presence of oriental pied hornbills at Piasau Camp spread among Mirians not only via words of mouth but also through the media. The MNS Miri chapter had been actively conducting several activities that promote public awareness on the importance of wildlife protection. Apart from that, the MNS Miri is also on a campaign move to get the Piasau Camp gazette by the government as a permanent nature park for hornbills and wildlife conservation.

I’ve signed the petition.
Please do if you have not done so.

What happen to Faridah?
The chronology of Faridah’s tragedy;

  • On September 25th, Faridah was kidnapped by poachers. The word spreads via social media and that helps the authority to apprehend the culprits.
  • On September 26th, Jimmy was spotted searching for missing Faridah. I watched the video filmed by Musa that was uploaded via the FB page and I cried. To see Jimmy yelping to reach out for Faridah is damn heartbreaking moment. :'(
  • On September 27th, Faridah was announced dead by the media to the public. I got the news on the night of September 26th where they found Faridah dumped in a rubbish bin, dead with missing beak via the FB page. It is said that Faridah died on the same day she was kidnapped.

What can you do, Mirian?
To show your support in response and in tribute to Faridah’s loss along with supporting the proposal of Miri Nature Park, it mean so much if you can download ‘Faridah & Jimmy photo’ from fan page as your FB cover photo for at least a week.

The hornbill photo is a courtesy from Musa Musbah, MNS Miri chapter. Please use the photo wisely.

To show your support and care, there will be a gathering on September 29th at Old Tenby School, Piasau Camp. Do spread the word around.


Rest in peace Faridah.

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