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First and foremost, a big thank you to Ms. Chu, Assistant MarCom Manager of Miri Marriot Resort and Spa Hotel for extending the invitation to Sarawak Bloggers to cover its array of mouth-watering and lavish food in conjunction of the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration. YB Datuk Lee and YB Datuk Sebastian Ting were invited as the function guest of honors along with group of local media representative. The function was made as private function and exclusively for us the media. 😉

The guest of honor tossing the Yee Sang along with Miri Marriot GM and personnel

In the private function, Miri Marriot Resort & Spa Hotel took the opportunity to introduce its Executive Sous Chef, Chef Khoo Seng Keong. With more than 30 years of culinary experiences at hotels across Asia, he recently joined the Marriot family. In his new role, he is responsible for the hotel’s culinary management and operation as well as its food safety management system.Upon my arrival at Zest Restaurant, variety of fruit juices along with Outback Jack red and white wines were being served as the welcoming drinks. While waiting for the arrival of guest of honour, we the bloggers get to meet and fed with educative information one of the highlight dish – Yee Sang from Chef Khoo. He believes in using the freshest ingredients and the right cooking techniques will retain the food flavours, scents and textures. He and the team are adept at preparing exclusive personalised cuisine according the taste of the diner preferences.

Chef Khoo
Welcoming Drink

In the exclusive function, we were being served with Miri Marriot’s Chinese New Year package that consists of 8 (auspicious figure) types of Chinese delicacies. The food journey begins with mixing and tossing the Yee Sang that symbolises abundance, vigor and prosperity. The Yee Sang was being served was with salmon accompanied by 10 types of condiments. Overall, with the mixed taste of sweet, sour and crunchiness of the 10 types of condiments in the yee sang, opened up your palette for the next dish.
My take : Perfect appetizer but without the salmon. I don’t eat salmon (can’t stand the high contain of omega oil, I presume) so for replacement, I would prefer for slightly grilled tuna instead.

Yee Sang with Salmon

Second dish was Chicken Consommé with Dry Scallop and Waterchesnut. The fancy name was actually a clear soup dish with a floating whitish kind of sponge (Chicken Consommé) in a bowl. The chicken consommé taste like steamed mincemeat with egg; soft texture and I automatically tend to chew it slowly. In the process, I can taste the scallop and the crunchiness of the waterchesnut. The soup helps to clear your throat from the sweet and sour taste of the Yee Sang.
My take : It was deeeeeeliishhhh! I love it to bits. It was a warm comfort soup.

Chicken Consommé with Dry Scallop and Waterchesnut

Braised Chicken with Supreme Chinese Herbs & Korean Ginseng was the 3rd dish served. For someone who doesn’t practise taking Chinese herbs and ginseng for supplement like majority of the Chinese community does, the highly medicinal dish was aaaaaaamazingly tasty instead of disgusting. The chicken meat was really tender; the herbs and ginseng flavour was well absorbed in the meat of which it doesn’t overpowering the flavour of the chicken at allll.
My take : Super delicious. Life changing moment! I’m going to start to add in Chinese herbs in my cooking.

Braised Chicken with Supreme Chinese Herbs & Korean Ginseng

The 4th dish served was Two Flavor Prawn Dish Combination. The name says it all; fresh and juicy prawn dishes that comes with 2 different flavour-butter prawns and a kind of sweet savoury flavour (forgot to ask the Chef).
My take : Nothing fancy, I’ve tasted better prawn dish served at local restaurants. However, if river prawn is being served, it’s a game changer.

Two Flavor Prawn Dish Combination

Next dish was Steamed Chinese Promfret ‘Teo Chew’ Style. The promfret fish was fresh and as it was cooked the ‘teo chew’ style, I was expecting the sourly taste in the fish gravy but it wasn’t there. It has a very mild sour taste but overall it was a good fish dish.
My take : I prefer to have slightly more of sour plum or tamarind juice in the dish. And instead of using promfret, perhaps grouper fish might be a better choice of fish to be added in the menu. Baru lah ada class you you.

Steamed Chinese Promfret ‘Teo Chew’ Style

The most awaited dish was the 6th dish; Stir Fried Assorted Vegetables with Cashew Nuts. I must have vege in my meal especially during dinner. The assorted vege were asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and it were placed on top of crispy fried noodle along with cashew nuts as toppings. The flat sliced yet crunchy fried noodle were nicely arranged on the plate for the ease of the diner; one can just scoop the sliced fried noodle and whatever veges on top of it would slide through as well: beautiful and creative presentation.
My take : The veges were crunchy and it was tasty. Love it! However, if fried cashier nut with garlic were to be the topping, the dish would be a life changing.

Stir Fried Assorted Vegetables with Cashew Nuts

The 7th dish was Steamed Rice in Lotus Leaf. The rice absorbed the mushroom, ginger along with some Chinese herbs wrapped in the lotus leaf. The rice texture was abit soggy probably it was wrapped too long in the lotus leaf but overall it taste just nice. Perfect combo eaten with the stir fried assorted vege dish.
My take : Prefer to have Bario rice or good quality of local glutinous rice instead of just normal rice, the dish would be yummy and classy. To reach super yummy stage, pork lard would make a big different in this dish. Just saying. I’m aware of halal issues here (ngiaw chi po here).

Steamed Rice in Lotus Leaf

For dessert, Chilled Sweetened Avocado & Mango Cream accompanied with Pomelo was served. The sweetness from the sweetened avocado and the tanginess of the mild sourness from the mango cream acts like the yin and ying of the dessert. With a teaspoon full portion of pomelo in the middle of the two creams, it just popped like firecrackers in your mouth the moment you get to chew it. The two fruit creams are good to have on its own or mixed both of it together.
My take : Overall, it was just nice fusion type of dessert. However, I felt the avocado was lack of avocado creaminess (I love avocado) and wish to have at least a tablespoon full of pomelo as the pomelo really compliment both of the creams when taken on its own. As the entire food package was Chinese cuisine, perhaps it will be great if a Chinese dessert been introduced instead such as ‘taufu hua’, ‘liew wei tang’ or ‘tang yuan’. Of course serve it with a twist that reflects the Chef’s creativity.

Chilled Sweetened Avocado & Mango Cream accompanied with Pomelo

For the record, I wasn’t involved in neither of the food preparation nor is the food costing therefore the food review above merely based on my sincere opinion, preferences and high expectation from Miri Marriot as a foodie. Every foodie do have their own feedback too, right? :p

If by any chance, you’re intrigue to give the Chinese food cuisine a try for the upcoming Chinese New Year reunion gathering, the food cuisine is already open for booking. The Chinese New Year Food package cost RM1,188++ per table. It will save your time to prepare the reunion dishes in ushering the Rooster year, I guarantee. 😉
Miri Marriot also offers Prosperity & Fortune Buffer dinner on January 27th & 28th, Chap Goh Mei Buffet Dinner on February 10th & 11th at RM105 nett per person. For more information or to make a reservation, please call Miri Marriot at 6085-421121. 😉

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