Miri Water Crisis

It was just a normal weekend for me, doing my routine house chores as usual. As I sit down to rest, I browse the internet for leisure then bumped into LAKU issues. I read further and found out Mirian started panicking on water shortage. Being a curious cat, I went to the bathroom and true enough low water pressure running in the house. I started to stock up some water but it last me for half an hour before it went totally out.

I stare at the quarterly filled pail and the mind start to scream “OMG! How am I going to shower like this? What if I wanna pee and there’s no water? Aiyakk no water for tomorrow. How lah? Die lah like this! “

Responses from the forum starts to heated up; people are getting more panic, text messages, BBM and twitter were flying around exchanging the panic mode and  yes I have to admit that it does affected me one way or another. But somehow, deep inside, my instinct says “Everything will be alright.” so I stayed lazy-ing around in the house instead of contributing in making long queue at the supermarket or petrol station to purchase water. Friends called and asked whether I have stock up enough water and I calmly said ‘No’ yet requested them to buy me green tea instead. They all said I’m crazy.

True enough, the water supply was back as normal around midnight. I have clean water although at first, I anticipate that it will be brownish. To experience the panic attack in Miri due to the water shortage is a memory to remember. I’ve also get to learn that there are some Mirian out there purposely ignored the authority warning on increasing drinking water price (cari kesempatan dalam kesempitan). Some even selling it by the road side under the rain (kiasu tahap dewa) last night.

What’s your story, Mirian?

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