Missing Indonesia

The campus is quiet nowadays otherwise you’ll get the see the student ‘wondering around’ at the main lobby area and the cafeteria would be packed with students during lunch hour.

That’s simply because the students are working hard now for their upcoming exams. At this time, their favorites hang out place would be either at the library, computer labs or at their hostels.

Which remind me of myself too. I don’t know whether I can cope up with ‘study life’ again should I decide to further my studies. 🙁

Talking of study, it reminds me on few words I learnt during my recent Jakarta trips. Apparently, the Indonesian has their own pronunciations on their vowels unlike us here. For example;
A is pronouns as Arrr…
B is pronouns as Bearr..
C is pronouns as Sayy…
D is pronouns as Dayyy..
E is pronouns as A…

Surprisingly… 😉

As I’m in the education line, of course I have to make myself familiar with some relevant Indonesian words such as;
SMP stand for Sekolah Menengah Pertama (Lower Secondary School)
SMU 1 stands for Sekolah Menengah Umum 1 (equivalent to Form 4)
SMU 2 stands for Sekolah Menengah Umum 2 (equivalent to Form 5)
SMU 3 stands for Sekolah Menengah Umum 3 (equivalent to Form 6)

Like Malaysian, they have 2 streams in their secondary school level which are known as;
Bis – Art/Commerce stream
Teknik – Science/Engineering stream

During my consultation with prospects, I got to know how Indonesian describe ‘intake’. Well, I get the meaning during the consultation process when a prospect asked;
“Saya ingin bertanya.…gelombang pengambilan nya ada berapa ya??”


I re-called my conversation with Bapak Ayo (the driver who fetch us from the airport) on those who are selling at the road side.
Me: Pak, pak…mereka yang berniaga di sini di panggil apa ya??
Bapak Ayo: Ooo..itu asongan nama nya.
Me: Ansongan ya??
Bapak Ayo: Asongan…ngak ada ‘n’ nya, jadi sebutan nya asongan gitu…
Me: Ooo…aaasongan ya pak!
Bapak Ayo: Ya betul..

Conversation with Bapak Ayo at the airport arrival hall.
Bapak Ayo: Selamat sore…(displaying an A4 paper with my name written on it)
Me: Bapak Ayo ya?
Bapak Ayo: Iyaa..
Me: Selamat sore pak…sudah lama menunggu??
Bapak Ayo: Lumayann…

Conversation with Bapak Ayo on the way to my hotel.
Me: Pak, apa di sini hujan tadi??
Bapak Ayo: Yaa..
Me: Kalu hari hujan, ngak begitu macet ya?
Bapak Ayo: Ngak jugak deh…Kalu di Jakarta, macet itu udah jadi satu lumrah..perkara biasa gitu
Me: Ohh gitu ya..

Mannn…I love the Indonesian way of asking questions. It sounds melancholic, well manner and soft spoken, probably because I’m a Malaysian but who cares, I’m loving it!!! 🙂

Hhhmmm…I kinda feeling missing Indonesia now.. 🙁


  1. Silest20

    15 June, 2007 at 3:26 pm

    Well, Thats nice to know a little of indonesian language…I wish I could learn it fluently….Just to understand where I am going. I can see why you are missing it….

  2. Mystery LadyBird

    18 June, 2007 at 1:11 am

    Hehehe..I’m so glad sm1 understand me..

    U knw wat, jst give me a mth 2 stay in Indonesia, I bet I cn speak Indonesian language fluently…seriously!!

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