MoHE Units

Do you know that it is a pre-requisite to the awarding of certificate, diploma or degree to pass compulsory subjects such as Malaysian Studies, Islamic Studies (only for Muslim student) and Moral Studies (only for non Muslim student)?

Failure to do so will resulting the student considered did not completed their studies although they have completed all of the units in their enrolled program; be it certificate, diploma or degree. In other word, no certificate will be granted to you. You can’t even brag to the whole world that you are a graduate coz you didn’t attended any graduation ceremony. Worst still, you don’t have any picture of yourself posing with your mortarboard and regalia.

Pathetic, right?

It is made compulsory to Malaysian students to complete the MoHE (Ministry of Higher Education) units under the Private Higher Educational Act 1996 (Act 555). This is one way of MoHE to control the establishment, registration, management and regulation, quality control of education offered by private higher learning institutions’. For the record, these units have its own syllabus for certificate, diploma and degree students. It is also made compulsory to public higher learning intuitions’.

As I am currently working while studying under a private higher learning institution, I have submitted my enrollment into the MoHE unitsclass last semester and the class will commence next week.

I can’t wait to get started and I’ll definitely share my findings from time to time.

ps-I’ve been inspired to write this post due to many students and parent out there misunderstood the importance of MoHE units. To them, they have took those subjects during their secondary school studies so there’s no need to‘re-sit’ the subjects. The reality is you do not have any choice as it’s an ACT and it’s not a regulation set by the higher learning institutions.

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