Molly the Girl Next Door

It was an evening not to forget for the rest of my life.

I was really stressed up with career and personal matters and one of my ways to overcome this is by pampering me with food. So, my close friend and I went to a restaurant located on a man-made lake that provides cozy environment, nice and affordable food; a perfect place for stress release.

It wasn’t my first time visit as we’ve been dining here quite number of times but on that particular day, un-expected thing happens. While we were enjoying our beer after dinner, a waiter came over to our table, smiles and asked;

Waiter: Molly? Kamu Molly kan?
Me: Siapa? Molly?
Waiter: Eh, kamu bukan Molly kah?
Me: Bukan. Kamu salah orang.
Waiter: Ohh sorry, sorry. Saya ingat kamu Molly tadi kawan saya bah.

The waiter apologized, left and soon after he gave his back to us, both of us were giggling at first then laughing out loud. I couldn’t believe someone would mistaken me with somebody’s identity. On the other hand, I think I would brag about it if someone mistaken me with a celebrity though. The whole evening, I was teased by my friend with the new name.

Little that I knew on the following day, I was the laughing stock in the office for one week.

Despite all of the teasing part, I was pretty cool about it and as a matter of fact, I liked that name – Molly. Well, those were the memories and it has been 4 years now since that incident happen.

Molly is definitely going to stay for good. 🙂


  1. melbie

    21 April, 2008 at 1:35 am

    Is this an anniversary post? LOL

    Happy Anniversary to Molly! Hehehe or maybe … the birth of Molly 🙂

  2. Mystery LadyBird

    21 April, 2008 at 2:01 am

    lebih kurang lah ni. manis bah nama molly tu. 🙂

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