Mural Designs: The Rare Tangible Culture

One of the rarest tangible culture among the Orang Ulu community is the ‘kalong’ or mural designs.

In Uma Bakah, Sungai Asap, Belaga, I get to see a whole stretch of 15 ‘rooms’ in one of its block decorated with mural designs. One can get to see this at its verandah or also known as the ‘ruai’ among the Iban. The mural designs are not painted but they’re carved instead. Imagine the efforts that has put in here not to mention the skillfull and fine workmanship of the artist himself.

I’m impressed yet sad at the same time coz not many skillfull artist out there anymore and the intangible knowledge of this has failed to win the younger generation interest. It is indeed a dying culture among the Orang Ulu community.

It is said that Uma Bakah (a Kenyah settlement) has more than 200 ‘rooms’ and the villagers are relocated in a block of longhouse (Block A-Q) that consist of 15-30 ‘rooms’. I can imagine how the village would be like when it come to festive celebration. I bet it’s gonna be a joyous celebration and packed with people.

That’s all for now, will upload more photos of the mural designs once I’m back to the urban area. 😉


  1. Cyril Dason

    11 November, 2010 at 10:18 am

    Looking forward to the designs. I love the Orang Ulu designs.

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