My Research Challenges

I’ve shared my research experiences among close friends, some in my blog, but I felt it will give more impact if some of the experiences are captured ‘frozen’. So, I do a little bit of ‘digging’ some photos in my research gallery and here are some to be share with you all.

Part of The Journey Challenges

i travel in the forest-this is heading to kelame' river for animal trap setup

out from forest, entering new zone-padi field.

 the journey to terrain panoramic view.

walking down a steep hill (it doesn't look like steep in the pic though) ;p

one of the rest time i took along the 7hours of walking journey and i was soak wet sweating. the smile that you see is actually smilling in pain.

i even travel by boat. here, due to low water tide, we have to walk by foot along the river then hopped into the boat.

this is during at one of our lunch break by the river. although we just ate canned food stuff with rice, it was really filling due to the surrounding environment. i miss that moment.

Part of The Action

negiotiating with data bila penan porters prior to a 7hours of crucial walking under hot & rainy weather

acting as an interpreter to the team while the penan setting up an animal trap and peter is busy filming the whole process

distributing candies to lg. lewe penan children

documented and filming inside a penan head village's house. peter is busy focusing at the kitchen area

while waiting for animal trap materials, i was briefed by the penans on the history of animal traps under plenty of fruit trees above my head ;p

here i am playing a role of a tv host while peter is adjusting his video cam before filming the river view at lg. lewe

smokes goes into the eye while trying to work with the wind blower used for blacksmithing.

recording penan folklore songs at 2am at the resthouse kitchen area. peter is busy filming behind my back

peter and myself getting ready to film a nose flute musical performance by ba data bila head of village

holding to mic to record the beautiful played nose flute musical of which you dont get to see in the actual video ;p

Part of The Travelling Team

group photo with our penan porters and ba data bila residents before departing back by foot to lg. san

group pic with the penans of lg. lewe

group pic with lg. san students at lg. san abandoned mini dam. we're standing on top of the dam ;)

Part of the Amazing Self Findings

a close up of 3 hornbills resting on a tree branch - its a rare moment to see the exotic birds nowadays due to its extinction

spotted wild orchids behind our resthouse at ba data bila

It was fun and I’m looking forward for such research adventures again in the near future but not with lazy and self-centered bum. Hope you liked it. 😉

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