Nice yet a dilemma Tuesday

Tuesday has been nice to me.
I felt very productive.

This semester, my lecture class will start tomorrow followed by tutorial the following day, 3 hours class for both days. It will be my first time having to sit for lecture and tutorial classes for 3 hours. For now, I’ve no expectation but the mind is playing with possibility of being restless in class. Not to mention I might be pulling my spiky hair if the timetable change due to meeting other student request due to timetable clashes.

This happen on every semester so I’m keeping my finger crossed, hoping that it will not happen to my current timetable this semester just like previous semesters. I am quite comfortable with the current timetable coz I think the study momentum would remain steady. I might be right and I might be wrong. Time will tell. Come what may for I shall be ready for it.

As usual, I’ll do some reading prior to my class as part of preparation. Been reading it since yesterday and I still can’t fully understand the chapter. Oh boy is that a sign that the unit gonna be tough? Or I’m merely a slow learner due to aging? Oh dear!

I’ve asked other student who have taken the unit last semester and I was told that the unit requires lotsa analysis; studying movies. Sound interesting yet challenging. I think after I completed the unit, I’ll never see movie the same again. I think I’ll be a critical movie audience.

This morning, I attended a training workshop as part of my journey to be a trainer. It was a half day session and what interest me the most was the trainer skills. I’ve learnt a lot from him and I wish I can attend all of his sessions. I realized that to be a good trainer, one must gain more exposure to gain more experience. I plan to apply his training activities and skills in my next training program this month end. By the way the young trainer looks alike Bongkerz.

Upon reaching my cubicle, I saw a big box on my desk. Finally, part of my amazing race prizes has been delivered. At time, I do envy those amazing race participant coz those goodies in the box might be theirs and I as the organizer who worked hard (I eat, shit and sleep on this project since last month) gets nothing in return. But one thing for sure, the experience that I gain throughout the process is the biggest reward that anyone can get. 🙂

While I was clearing my mailbox and some paperwork, Heidi of Crafthub Sdn Bhd sent me an email. As a matter of fact, this is her third time following up on my participation for the upcoming Borneo International Beads Conference which will be held at Kuching soon. Last year, I’ve promised her to assist in the upcoming conference and she was really excited about it. Back then, I thought the conference will be held again in Miri until the venue changed few months ago. It is not about logistic issue but it will affect my classes so yes I am in dilemma now.

To reply or not to reply. To go or not to go. To conduct a workshop or to skip classes.
Which one it is now?
Decision, decision, decision..

Anyway, how’s Tuesday been treating you?


  1. azeanthy paiman

    21 July, 2011 at 10:30 am

    nice blog!the way you’ve expressed ur thought was inspired me.i follow u.hit me back ya=)

    1. ladybirdmollyz

      21 July, 2011 at 12:00 pm

      hi azeanthy,

      thank you for the compliment. i’ve add your link under my blogroll and i hope you’l do the same too. looking forward for your next visit again. 🙂

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