‘Once bitten, Twice Shy’ by Alia Bastamam

I couldn’t think of anything catchy for this blog post headline hence the title. Initially, I wanted to put ‘How I Was ‘Cheated’ by Alia Bastamam’ but I might end up with a lawsuit instead. And no, this is not a gimmick neither does this a review for Alia Bastamam. None of those. It’s just my sharing on..

..go ahead. Read the paragraph below to find out.

I’m a very simple person.
Simple as in everything be it in my lifestyle and in my way of thinking (of which why my sister labelled me as ‘unadventurous’ person). I like to see myself as a ‘late bloomer’ instead. Yes, I liked to keep it that way.

On my recent ‘36th’ birthday (yeahhh right!), my girlfriends gave me a baby basta runaway edition handbag designed by Alia Bastamam as a birthday gift. I was over the moon. Super excited as I’ve been longing to have one Basta bag for myself. Prior to that, I bought a Basta Maxi bag as a birthday gift for my sister.

Baby Basta – Light Gold (Runaway) by Alia Bastamam

Loved the Basta bag design as it was simple. Minimalist.
By the way, I’ve just get to know about this designer brand last year.

Well, long story cut short, I recently purchased a Basta Regular via Sometime By Asian Designers website. Typical blogger, I uploaded a video of me collecting the parcel at my Instagram.

Excuse me boss, you've got mail! ?? : #sometimebyasiandesigners #parcel #excited

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Then I saw Alia Bastamam, the Basta bag designer herself liked my post on the Baby Basta in my Instagram. Again, I was over the moon! Although, it is just a ‘like’, it was such a big deal for me. How often does a designer browse through your Instagram post or read your blog? How many? None, right? I think.

Untill last night, I received this..

… that explained the ‘like’. *deep sigh*

Such as bummer. I hate my girlfriends.
Yet, I love them to bits too.
But that’s what friend are for. You’ve just got to hate ‘em or love ‘em.

Anyway, although the blog post heading is written ‘once bitten, twice shy’, I’ll write my take on my recent purchase of Basta Regular bag soon.
So, stay tuned folks. Errr..I’ll write about it probably after the Raya holidays. 😉

Fun Fact
Alia Bastamam is an aspiring and talented Malaysian fashion designer and entrepreneur. Her forte is in bridal and evening wear. Basta Bag is her first designed bag and her handbag are made available for purchase at Sometime By Asian Designer (a bag specialist company) website. The company produces semi handmade designer bags and co-design the bag with Asian designers and icons. What makes Sometime By Asian Designers unique is it’s exclusivity through the limited distribution. All of the designer bags are produced in a predetermined quantity.


  1. Alyssa J

    15 June, 2017 at 2:58 pm

    Hahaha! Too cute! I actually quite like Alia’s clothes (especially her wedding collections. Swoob). I didn’t know she have bags collection at Sometimes, now you got me itching to check it out.

    1. LadyBird Eileen®

      15 June, 2017 at 3:35 pm

      ooohhhhhh womannn you must check it out! you’re gonna like it. 😉
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