Pertubuhan Orang Cacat Sarawak, Zon Miri

Although I have an assignment due just round the corner and final exam coming soon, the urge to give back to the community was so strong. So over the weekend, as I was compelled to contribute my part, I’ve participated in a community project organized by the university. Prior to that, I got to know a brief history of the organization.

Formerly known as ‘Rumah Harapan’ (House of Hope) back in the 90s, it was located at one of SHELL quarters in Lutong; to be exact it was used to be next to a catholic church facing opposite Lutong mosque before the church moved to a new location which it is known today as The Mater Dei Church. Due to whatever reason, Rumah Harapan was moved to Krokop and operates at a building loaned by the Miri Lions Club. As time passed by, Rumah Harapan then known as Pertubuhan Orang Cacat Sarawak, Zon Miri was asked to move from Miri Lions Club’s premise. The association was in dire strait for a new premise and lucky enough, their cries were heard by the State Welfare Department. They were given a premise to occupy in year 2015 and it was based at Piasau Camp. As the premise was actually previous quarters of SHELL expat staff in Piasau Camp and has been abandoned for quite number of years, the premise was in a bad shape. In short, it wasn’t save to live in hence the cries for help again to the public.

Do you know there’s a beach near POCS Miri? Check it out people 😉
Remo, POCS Miri delivering his welcoming speech

For the record, Pertubuhan Orang Cacat Sarawak (POCS) or the Sarawak Society of the Disabled is a self-help organization which is set up by disabled person, for the physically disabled and is also managed by the disabled person themselves. During the community work held at the association premise at Piasau Camp, I met my long lost ex-colleague, Remo whom happened to be the Chairman of POCS Miri. Remo himself is physically disabled person and by profession, he’s a computer technician. We used to be colleague in the ICT field.

With colleagues from various department and few student volunteered for the community work, we managed to clean and wash the floors, collected and threw broken glasses, demolished termite eaten wooden cabinets, grass cutting, installed new water pipes and fixed all faulty sinks, bathtubs and toilets in the premise. Although it was a tiring work that took us almost a day to do the cleaning and disposal of broken/unwanted items yet it felt like you’ve done something positive. It felt great! The premise is now clean but with no windows and ceilings. Still need lotsa repairing work though.

POCS Miri surely need some form of assistance. To those who are reading this post, appreciate it very much if you could lend some support to POCS, Miri zone. You can get more information from Remo, POCS Miri Chairman at 019-851 2161 or you may email them at

Give back, expect nothing in return. Thank you for reading this and God will bless your good deeds.

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