Pretty Much Occupied

Just incase you’re wondering on why there are no more frequent blog post update lately…is simply due to my near-end-of-semester ‘fever’.

There are assignments to submit as it’s approaching toward the end of the semester (not to mention readings involved), there are always ad-hoc tasks delegated especially after the Finance Services Department centralized the payment system, consolidating data for the Staff Satisfaction Survey (which is still pending) and the current issue that is taking most of my time is the annual dinner preparation (not to mention meetings to attend for the week and more to come the following week).

I guess it will never come to an end.
Yet, I’m gratefull for going through all of this. It remind me that I love my job, it pushes me to certain limit beyond my expectation and the most worthwhile to cheerish is the friendship along the way. 🙂

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