Rainforest World Music Festival 2017 Series of Preview

The clock is ticking and the world renowned music festival is just 10 days away.
To the regular music festival goer, here are some heads up on what’s coming.

Culture Club, Kuching
Culture Club offers a platform for local Sarawakian cultural and ethnic performances blend in with local and international live band showcases. As such, Culture Club has been appointed as Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) official preview venue. All of the RWMF preview will be held here and below are the dates for you reference;
July 10th, 9pm, Lan E Tuyang (RWMF’s performer-Sarawak)

Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board

July 11th, 9pm, At Adau (RWMF’s performer-Sarawak)

Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board

July 12th, 9pm onward, Romengo (RWMF’s performer-Hungary) & O Tahiti E (RWMF’s performer-Tahiti)

Romengo. Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board
O Tahiti E. Pic credits to Sarawak Tourism Board

To those of you who are based at Kuching or happen to be in Kuching on those dates, be it for leisure, business or just for the music fest, take note on those dates and head up to Culture Club. RWMF’s ticket are also on sale at the mentioned premise.

I am excited and I’m sure the same excitement vibes goes to the regular music festival goer out there too. If you haven’t got your ticket yet, pre-ticket sales is still on going until July the 13th. Go and get your ticket to avoid disappointment as the 20th Rainforest World Music Festival has lotsa to offer and you do not want to miss it.

See you there soon and don’t forget to say ‘hi’ should you bump into me. 😉

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