Rainy Saturday

It has been pouring since last night and I felt really reluctant to get up from the bed. I wish I can continue my beauty sleep but I can’t. I have to go to work. For the sake of getting better KPI. 😉

On the way to work, noticed a long queue ahead. Some drivers even made U-turns in the middle of the highway. Back in the head, I was visualizing car accident ahead but I was wrong. The U-turns made was to avoid going through the flash flood along the Miri-Pujut highway (opposite Boulevard shopping mall).
By looking a glimpse of it, the flash flood occur due to improper drainage system along Miri-Pujut highway. I think the drain are shallow and can’t accomodate the water flowing heavily from the hills along the highway. I think lah.

It made me pondering that if it is still raining until noon, probably the flash flood will prevent small cars going through it. I might use another route on the way back home later.

To any Mirian out there, try to avoid using the mentioned route.

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