Re-Cap on Bandung

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Firstly, I have to apologize for not able to update my blog lately. I know some of you are eager to see what I have to post in my blog. Like I said in my earlier post, it was indeed a stressful and tiring experience but at the same time, it was fun. 😉

Well, my trip to Indonesia was pretty interesting and discovered lots of thing. I get to learn more new Indonesian languages, I even get to learn how to imitate their Indonesian slang and even talk like one of them when I was there hehehe… ;p

My first impression on Indonesian people was they are not friendly and rebellious. Thanks to the publicities made by the press people in tv huhh…

In actual fact, the Indonesian people are just like Malaysian; well manner and polite especially during my stay at Bandung. 😉

I stayed at NovoTel Hotel, Bandung on my first day arrival in Indonesia. After the Bali bombing incident, the government implements security check on every vehicle upon entering 3 stars and above hotels in Indonesia and it was quite a surprising moment for me at first but then, I began to accept the situation throughout my stay there.

It was my Agent first time organizing an education fair at this hotel and I was pretty amazed with the staff excellent customer services. No wonder my Agent choose the hotel at the first place. 😉 I noticed all of the staff from the bell boys to the cleaners are wearing black uniform with different designs which look pretty cool to me. And the hotel provides free wi-fi services where you just need to plug in the network cable to your laptop to go online for as long as you want.

Where the hell can you get this type of service in Miri?? ;p

The best memory that I had in Bandung is going out for dinner at a Japanese restaurant and sight seeing at Ci-Walk (short form for Jl. Cimpelas). The place is so damn cold to the extend I shivered as soon as I get out from the car. The place has an open stage where well known Indonesian popular artist or superstar wannabe individual or group would perform there. Big bikers would also hang out here which I manage to sit down and pretend to ride on a Harley Davidson bike wooohoooooo….. Most of the outlets here are selling branded products from shoes to apparels, not forgetting franchised food outlets like Starbucks, CoffeeBean and Dunkin Donut and many more.

Perodua Rusa is known as Zebra

In short, this place is for those who have ka ching, ka ching aka $$$$. I was informed by my Agent that this is the rich and famous favorite hang out place. Some even come all the way from Jakarta, just to spend their week end here.

Well, back in Miri, it’s kinda similar to have Bruneian to hang out in Miri city. 😉

It’s a pity I can’t take any pictures in Ci-Walk as my digicam memory card was full at this time.

Police on duty

You get to see these giant ‘superstar’ everywhere in front of factory outlets.

I heard about kids begging at the road side or selling mineral water in the middle of traffic jam before I come to Indonesia. I guess it depend on the way you interpret things.

‘Macet’ di Bandung

An old lady carrying a baby on her back or some even put the baby on their chest and walked in the middle on traffic jam, walks toward you, stand next to your car and offer her right or left hand without saying anything. What would you do?? The body language explains everything and you don’t need to ask.

A group of teenagers singing with a small guitar in the middle of the traffic jam smile with happy faces looking at you and if your car happens to stop right in front of them, you’ll be con-fronted by this group blocking your way. You are only given a choice either to rammed the boys in front of you as other cars behind you non stop honking or wind down your car window and give them a note.

Just look at their happy faces

I get to see ‘Tahu Man’ selling his fried homemade taufu aka fried beancurd in the middle of traffic jam under the hot sun. I get to see ‘cigarettes man’ selling various of cigarette brand that are displayed nicely on a mini cabinet that hanged on his neck same goes with those who are selling newspaper, mineral water and tit-bits. These ‘portable shop’ can be seen along the highway in the middle of traffic jam. If there’s a 20km highway, you’ll get to see 20 of them standing there ‘flashing’ their items.

I began to wonder what a tough life they have. I began to appreciate life. I began to appreciate how grateful I am being a Malaysian. 🙂



  1. Sileast20

    31 May, 2007 at 12:18 pm

    Best nampak Gambor ko nih…..u must have had a Really good time out..

  2. zach

    31 May, 2007 at 1:01 pm

    Free WiFI? There is one no class hotel in Tawau,Sabah, North Borneo Hotel with a RM 68.00 per night rate. They provide FREE Streamyx in every room. Just plug the cable into your laptop and surf 24 hours. Its a shame for star rated hotels who do not provide this service or at the most only in their lobby. Hey what about the WiFI access in Miri which was highlighted a last year I think.

  3. Nightwing

    1 June, 2007 at 8:57 am

    Welcome back and thanks for updating….and the pics. You have a great Gawai break. Cheers.

  4. Mystery LadyBird

    6 June, 2007 at 12:42 am

    Sileast – Yep, d gud time out is fun on its on way bt overall, it’s a stressfull trip.. 😉

    Zach – Yes, agreed wt u on tat. Thse star rated hotels shud provide such free services 2 their guest, part of customer service wat..

    D wifi services in Miri is still available 4 free till n of tis year..Nt so sure hw much its gonna cost Mirian whn thy start 2 charge d public..

    Nightwing – Betcha u hv great time celebrating Gawai..did u gt drunk? ;p

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