Ready To Be Sway By Jazz

The Miri International Jazz Festival is back in town!!

Today (this year), the Miri International Jazz Festival (MIJF) is known as Borneo Jazz and for the record; this is its 5th successful year of establishment. The annual event will not be possible without the contribution of Sarawak Tourism Board who’s the main organizer behind the Borneo Jazz and also the world renowned music festival – The Rainforest Music Festival.

Come May the 12th, you will be sway by the beautiful jazz number played by international performers such as Les Doigts de L’Homme from France, John Hammond from USA, Maria Muldaur from USA, SIU2 from China, State of Monc from Holland, YuichiroTokuda Ralyzz Dig from Japan, Dhruv from India, Cunha & Piper from Brazil and last but not least, our own Malaysian jazz performer; CQuence and Victor Yong & The Electric Carnival of Canada.

I’ll be covering the international event with fellow Sarawak Bloggers member; Balqiz and William under the MEDIA pass. So, do follow our post (in and out) pertaining to Borneo Jazz and if you’re a ‘Twitterer’, you may follow us too @SWKBLOGS, @iBalqiz, @LadyBirdMollyz under the hash tag of #borneojazz.

See you soon and I can’t wait to attend the press conference tomorrow. 😉

By the way, have you bought your ticket yet?


  1. Cyril Dason

    10 May, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    Enjoy yourselves guys!! Hope to see more from Miri soon.

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