Reminiscent of Yesterday

I was busy with some urgent paper works in the morning and wasn’t realized that the day has reached noon time. After having my lunch, I realized that I have a class to attend. These are the times when I felt the time passed so fast and there are also times I felt it moved so slowly. I think it’s just part and partial in a career and same goes with life.

a Kalimantan tribe maiden

Here I am reminiscent the sweet memories of the recent Borneo International Beads Conference 2010 (BIBCO) after having my own space. The event was such an eye opener and there are so many things to learn. Learning is a lifelong process after all.

Not only I get to meet beads experts; be it scholarly expert or just beads enthusiasts’, everybody shares the same interest and passion; beads. It’s amazing to know the fact that beads can unite people from around the world to share and learn their interest and knowledge in beads. I felt proud not only on the fact as one of the conference speaker but proud on the fact that my culture is so unique that it made people from other countries is curious wanted to know and study the beads.

On the other hand, the event too has indirectly reached out beads ‘fan’ globally and had placed Miri city as one of their must visit place list. At least for now, I know that I have contributed something meaningful not only to myself but to the state.

Looking back at my first international conference; Borneo Research Council Conference 2010, being part of the organizing committee team and also a presenting a paper, the whole experience were tiring. This round, I felt like I’m more mentally exhausted. Yet both conferences teach me a lot. I felt grateful for that and I look forward to contribute more in the near future.

Anyway, no sweet promises but will try to find the time to upload some photos taken with my low resolution mobile camera. As for now, I need to hit the sack early. I am still not fully recovered from my sleeping beauty due to the conference.

Good night you all, where ever you may be. 🙂

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