RWMF Special Offer

Have you ever been to the Rainforest World Music Festival before?
Yes? No?
Yes? How many times?
No? Are you considering of going?

I have something that might interest you.

For those of you who have (not) been to the rainforest world music festival, not only the music festival features a wide range of traditional music, world fusion and contemporary world music, it is one of the largest musical events in Malaysia. When an event is an international level, one need to purchase a pricey ticket too, right?

The Rainforest World Music Festival is a 3 day annual music festival and 1 day pass cost RM110 (for aged 12 and above) and RM55 (for children aged 3-12 years). To purchase the 3 days pass will cost you RM300 and RM150 (for children).

Pricey huh?
Are you pulling your hair already?
Or do you see any hole in your wallet already? ;p

Well, here comes the good news. Ready?

Effective from today (20th June 2011), you can purchase the awesome and spectacular rainforest world music festival 3 days pass for only RM180!! I repeat 3 days pass for only RM180!!


You have to purchase this 3 days pass at these venues stated below:

  1. Sarawak Tourism Board Visitors Information Centre, Kuching – 082-410 944
  2. Sarawak Tourism Board Visitors Information Centre, Miri – 085-434 180
  3. Sarawak Tourism Complex, Sibu – 084-340 980

Please take note the promotion will ends on 26th June 2011. So, better hurry up coz the clock is ticking fast.

What are you waiting for?
Grab your phone, call the nearest number to your location and make your purchase NOW!

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