RWMF:Things That You Don’t Know But Should Know

Introducing Peter ‘Jumbo’ (in real he’s damn skinny aka papan lapis yo ehekk), Curtin’s graduate-to-be (just sat for his last unit last semester therefore he’s officially jobless now) that I recruited last minute prior to the RWMF event as part of MGK9 part-timer team.

camwhoring with peter before taking the group photo

He is also my Research Assistant’s partner. We will be working together again this coming 31st July for the Penan Research Project at Long Bedian (1st destination).

Introducing Cyril Dason, a teacher by profession and blogging is one of his passions. I get to meet him in person for the first time during the Blogger@RWMF 09 organized by him. Prior to the blogger gathering, we’ve communicating via emails and GoggleTalk for inputs sharing on the gathering event and congrats to Cyril for able to pull things as plan. Bravo!!

meet cyril & amiey

In relation to that, I get to know new bloggers too especially from the Cat City and The Land Below The Wind. Although Mel and I managed to spend few minutes with them, the memories left behind were more meaningful. Hopefully, we can get to know each other more in next year gathering at RWMF. Cyril, you saw this so start scratching your head for ideas from now. By the way, I did extend the invitation to Kenny Sia but he didn’t turn up at the gathering although he was seen among the crowd throughout the festival.

Whatever lah, it was just a courtesy anyway.

the 1st mini blogger gathering@rwmf 09 held at scv restaurant

Despite of having the privilege of all access especially to the main stage, I wasn’t really into taking photographs during the final day although now I own a dslr. I wasn’t in the mood to take good shots coz I feel that it is totally not convenient to walk around with bulky gadgets hanged on your neck with a backpack all the time so I used a digicam instead. Plus I’m here to work  and not to ‘shoot’ good shots. ;p

a shot from behind the main stage

Still, I can freeze some moments throughout the festival.

Part of the pre-caution measures taken by the organizer during the RWMF was to distribute free face mask to the public. But what the public doesn’t know is during the day 1 of RWMF, miniature size of hand sanitizer was distributed. It ran out of stock so fast that the organizer had to replace it with a medium size of hand sanitizer (approximately 50ml) that was placed at the ticketing counter.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the public know about this. I guess the hand sanitizer was meant for the organizer team only after all. ;p

I had a quick chat with Mr. RWMF Chairman on the response from public as compare to the 2008 RWMF. He said the 2009 RWMF is far low as expected due to the H1N1 epidemic. He also shared that there were about 8,000 people during day 2 of RWMF as compared to more than 10,000 people during the same day of 2008 RWMF based on ticket sales.

packed crowd in front of the main stage

And when asked why there is such a big crowd in real, he shared with me that there are some fake RWMF tickets were on sale. It was the 2007 RWMF used ‘re-cycle ticket’ that had almost the same feature (same color) as the 2009 RWMF ticket. It was a bit blurry upon having a closer look at it.

Imagine the loss that incurred.

H1N1 epidemic is a global matter and same goes with the global recession that we are experiencing now. Same goes to Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) too. Why do I say so?

2009 rwmf 3 days tags

This year, STB provided lousy tag unlike previous years. I think this is part of cost saving. Although it was made from waterproof paper type of material but it can be tear off easily when it is not stick properly. Mr. RWMF Chairman too shared with me that the previous tags are specially made abroad (Canada) and STB will only get to know which color tag would use for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 upon received the items.

2008 rwmf wrist tag - apart from having waterproof feature, it comes with adjustable one wrist width before it get permanently sticked. you have to cut it to remove.

During day 1, the tag was placed quite loose on the wrist and that allow some opportunist to take it off and pass it to their friends who are waiting outside the main entrance so that they can gain free entry.

busted 7 people without rwmf tags

The plan did work but get busted by MGK9 team at the end. 🙂

Last year, STB provide buffet style of meals (lunch and dinner) to the team under one roof where we ate together with the RWMF performers and the STB team. This year, STB provide 2 canopies (1 for RWMF performers & STB team, 1 for Security & Other dining) for us to enjoy our meals. Thank you for that, STB (puji dolok pas ya nganok brabis teehehehe…).

those are hungry & hard working people waiting to be serve

I can see the logic of having 2 separate eating places of which I think it helps to reduce/avoid long queue during meal time but one thing that I fail to understand is WHY THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPE OF FOOD BEING SERVE TO US WHO DINED UNDER THE SECURITY AND OTHER DINING CANOPY? WHY?? WHAT WITH THE DOUBLE STANDARD HERE, STB?
Hell yeah, I am pissed about that as I felt we (on behalf of MGK9 team, PDRM, RELA, GH personnel) being discriminated. Like what Mel mentioned in her blog about the food, it was totally sucks. LISTEN HERE STB, YOUR APPOINTED CATERER SERVED US WITH TASTELESS FOOD OR IN OTHER WORD, HOSPITAL FOOD. EVEN HOSPITAL FOOD CONTAINS MORE NUTRITIOUS THAN THE FOOD SERVED BY YOUR CATERER.

On the 2nd day of the RWMF, the night shift of MGK9 team can’t have the dinner meal accordingly as the food wasn’t ready as per informed by the caterer staff. But when I went there, the foods were ready in actual fact. So after few round of argument and phone calls, finally the team was asked to get their dinner meal pack from Mango Tree booth at the Food Mart area. We were being served with fried rice with 4 sticks of satay or fried mihun with 4 sticks of satay without any drink.

mgk9 team at mango tree booth for their dinner meal pack

One of the Mango Tree’s staff (I guess it might be the owner) keep on apologizing to us while preparing our dinner meal pack but deep down inside me answering him back by saying ‘sorry has no cure’. I end up throwing away the dinner meal pack (I ate only the satay) and get back to work with empty tummy (kira merajuk tahap Puteri Santubong la tok tek).

Lastly, can you read the wordings on my pink shirt?

the next shirt that im targetting is 'i see dead people'


If you think you are not dumb then do leave your comment. Only dumb people will not leave their comment because they are simply dumb or playing dumb.

ps-come to think of it, I am also dumb coz requesting my readers to leave their comment hehehe… ;p


  1. kennysia

    22 July, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    Hello Ladybird! I must apologise for not turning up to the gathering. I heard you said that it was held in Santubong restaurant or thereabouts, but I had no idea where to find it. By the time I’ve done searching it’s already time for the next workshop. 🙁

    Ah well, perhaps I’ll have better luck next time.

  2. amieyalen

    22 July, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    Hey… Nice meeting you fro a while that day… was quite a quick intro from you though.. really hope you got the more time with us that day…

    ada jua ka org main buka2 tag and bagi yg wait outside? terok…. desperate juga tuh…huhuhuh

    anyway, it was really nice meeting you in person… 🙂

    *shocked… Kenny Sia even commented you… you should be proud of your”

  3. melbie

    22 July, 2009 at 8:20 pm

    This is what you call… DETAILS! LOL!

    Anyway, in regards of the wristbands … I just threw them to the bin last night when I was cleaning my room! Just can’t be bothered to keep them with them crumpled and looking hideous from all the beating they got while we’re working, and of course, the sweat!

  4. Cyril

    22 July, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    Well, this year’s gathering kind of simple.. but with such good response this year, I bet there will be a bloggers@RWMF’10. It is in the making, and I am collecting some data to forward to STB.

    On Kenny’s inability to locate us, well.. sorry la Kenny, we didnt have a banner which says we are having the gathering. Not allowed this year, so i’m crossing my fingers next year we can put up some sort of banner for it so that we are visible. I’m sure Ladybird knows also how hard it was to locate us, esspecially when everyone doesn’t have the slightest idea of how the other would look like.

    Next year.. just cross your fingers!!

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