Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Talking about mobile phone nowadays, there is plenty of choice out there. Smartphone such as BlackBerry and iPhone used to be top of the favorite list especially among the professional group due to its features plus by owning one also reflects status (applicable to Malaysian only I guess).

As time goes by, it seems that mobile phone running on android platform becoming a hit among mobile phone users out there. I’ve never own any mobile phone that runs on android platform neither do I ‘play’ with its features but I think it is up to an individual preferences. I am very comfortable with BlackBerry smart phone features anyway.

Whatever it is, these smart phones doesn’t come cheap but with some attractive bundled plan provided by the telcos nowadays, it seems that everybody can own a smart phone.

Earlier on as I browsed the internet, I came across of Samsung Galaxy Nexus mobile phone. Slim and sleek look, kinda cool. What makes it more interesting is that I get to see the bundled plan comparison provided by two giant Malaysian telcos – DIGI and CELCOM.

Wanna know more about it?
Click here. (i think the author gave a very good review)
Who knows you might end up getting one for yourself. 😉

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