Sarawak Kennel Association-Miri chapter

I always wanted a pet but I dislike the idea of taking care of it.

I can’t even take care of myself so what more to say taking care of something else. With busy schedules ahead, I can foresee I wouldn’t be able to bear/cope up with it hence the idea of having a pet has to put aside.


his name is Dosh, i cant even see his eyes ;p


Not owning a pet doesn’t mean you’re not a pet person. For me, to own a pet requires big responsibilities and must have strong financial background. You can eat, sleep and play with your pet but when it get sick, you’ll find yourself spending as much as you spend on your house, car, food, entertainment, the list goes on. Honestly, I’m not ready for all that but that doesn’t stop me from adoring other people’s pet. 😉


a chiwawa breed with its owner. the poor little thing is very clingy to her master.


I believe one must be mentally and financially ready before making the decision of owning a pet. There are many factors to be considered to avoid unforeseen circumstances and recently my standings on this were right after attended the pre-launch ceremony of the Sarawak Kennel Association (SKA)-Miri chapter. It was the first kind of its own in Miri and the simple yet entertaining and fun event was witnessed by the Miri Mayor himself, Mr. Lawrence Lai.


the ska-miri chapter pre-launch banner


I was fortunate to be invited on behalf of Sarawak Bloggers to attend the pre-launching ceremony of the Sarawak Kennel Association (SKA), Miri chapter held at Taman Selera on August 1st, 2010. The simple pre-launching ceremony was attended by some of forum members (with their dogs of course) and received good response from the public too.


ska-miri chapter chairman welcomes miri mayor


ska-miri chapter group photo with miri mayor 


The Sarawak Kennel Association (SKA) Miri chapter was initiated by Mr. Leo Pui of MGK9 (Chairman) and Mr. Robin Gan of Real K9 (Vice Chairman) and was supported by other Mirian dog lovers hence the setup of SKA Miri chapter. The main objective of the association is not only to promote responsible ownership but also to create awareness on the importance of educating the public from rising, training and breeding the dogs.


interview in progress by local press with ska-miri chapter chairman, Leo Pui (black shirt), ska-miri chapter vice chairman, Robin Gan (with hat) and miri mayor, Lawrence Lai (white shirt)


Dr Uma (far right) pointed out her point during the interview session by the local press witnessed by miri mayor (white shirt) and ska-miri chapter chairman (black shirt)


Miri Mayor, Mr. Lawrence Lai supported the idea as he believed it will not only create a caring society toward animals but it will reduce stray dogs in the city hence Mirian can enjoy a clean and healthy  city. Dr. Uma Devi (former Director of Miri General Hospital) agreed and supported the Mayor’s statement and find that owning pet since young age not only can produce a caring society but it can also be used as part of stress management therapy.


a golden retriever owned by one of the forum member


a border collie breed-i called it as the farmville watch dog ;p 

a bull mastiff breed owned by mgk9

 a pitbull breed owned by real k9


 this is diego, a german shepherd breed which is just for dog show ;)


The public were also been entertained with dog demonstrations performed by staff of MGK9 and Real K9. Food and drinks were provided and one gets to enjoy the demonstration while having their food.


bbq session in progress...yummmyyyyy


rows of mgk9 staff with their dogs lining up for the dog demo


one of the dog demo supervised by Robin Gan of Real K9 

dont play play, once bitten it will never let go of your arm


one of the scene when an intruder attack the master, the canine will attack without any mercy


The SKA Miri chapter is extending the membership to the public. If you are interested to sign up as a member (you don’t need to own a dog if you’re interested to be a member), the application form is available from Mr. Leo (012 851 1299) and Mr. Robin (019 884 0001). The annual fee is RM20 and RM200 for life time membership.


ska application form. i've signed up as a member. how about you?


reasonable and affordable membership. you dont need to own a dog to sign up as a member. ;)


I hope with the establishment of SKA-Miri chapter, it will help to create awareness on the importance of a responsible ownership to the public hence produce a caring society. The SKA-Miri chapter is also looking forward to receive public co-operation in participating in any of its future activity.


Together we can do it. J


poor fella, he must be very thirsty. so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee ;)


ps- the news post on the pre-launch ceremony can also be found at Sarawak Bloggers website. 

pss- SKA-Miri chapter is going to organize a dog show in November 2010 and Sarawak Bloggers is invited to cover the event. 😉

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