Something Wrong with My People?

One of my daily tasks is to respond to the email enquiries on behalf of the university.

Yes, it is a wonderful job as not only it helps me to improve my virtual skills of corresponding but one has to be alert, meticulous and good in converting virtual corresponding into a friendly approach which will eventually converting into number of student enrolment.

This is one way of how we recruit new student. 😉

To date, within my 6 years of service with the university, I think I have recruited few hundreds of student from all around the world just by email corresponding. Some of them, I get to know personally and some of them, I might ended up rubbing their shoulders. ;p

Along the way of corresponding to the email enquiries, I do receive hilarious and un-expectable queries of which I like to share. It wouldn’t be a surprise to me if such queries came from foreigners but it is quite sad for me to see that these came from my own fellow countryman. 🙂

Below are the common scenarios that I’ve encountered among Malaysians.

Scenario 1
A parent from West Malaysian wishes to enroll the son to study in my university and after few email correspondence, the son finally accepts the offer to study here. A day before the son depart, the father sent me an email;
“Can I know what the exchange rate in Sarawak is and what is the currency like?”

Scenario 2
A prospect from West Malaysian wishes to enroll into one of the program offered in my university and after few email correspondence, she finally accepts the offer to study here. In one of her email to me;
“Do I wear uniform to class?”

Scenario 3
A brother asked on behalf of his younger brother;
“I heard from my colleague that your campus is about 30 minutes drive from Shah Alam. My brother is considering transferring his credit to your university so we would like to visit your campus. Is it possible to arrange?”

Scenario 4
Parent from Sibu finally accept the offer to study here on behalf of their son. This was made after responding to 4 email correspondences. They have booked a twin sharing room for the son and email me to personally instruct me to;
“As this is my son first time away from the family, please make sure his room-mate is also a foo-chow, a vegetarian, take the same course as my son and he must not be a gay so that he can focus on his studies”.

Scenario 5
One of the email enquiries sent by a parent from Kota Kinabalu;
“How far is your campus from Kuching city? Is there any airport at  Miri? I intend to fly my daughter from KK to Kuching.”

Surprisingly, I have less hilarious and ridiculous encounter with foreigner prospects. Their enquiries would be more focusing on entry requirement, logistic matters, advance standing cases, scholarships and student visa matters.

I wonder why I have such experience with my own people. *sigh*


  1. cyril dason

    7 July, 2009 at 12:03 am

    ignorance is the perfect word…

  2. ladybirdmollyz

    7 July, 2009 at 9:35 am

    i couldnt agree more with that. 🙂

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