The ‘Helicopter’ Fruit

buah engkabang - you dont eat it but its useful. the fruit is crunched,process into 'liquid gold' and uses as lamp oil back then.

To some it may look weird and its a fruit to a species of a tree which is locally known as ‘Pokok Engkabang or ‘Engkabang Tree’. It has 4 or sometime 5 wing leaves and when it fall from its tree, it will spin. To the Kenyahs, the ‘helicopter’ fruit is known as ‘Bua’ Avang’ (in Uma’ Pawa’ dialect) and among the Iban and Malay, it is known as ‘Buah Engkabang’.

I’ve seen the ‘helicopter’ fruit ‘flew’ right in front of my eye when I studied at Long San 20 years ago and its an amazing sight to remember. It was during its fruit season and school children including myself ran happily catching the ‘helicopter’ fruit upon landing on our school field. I was thrilled and excited bump into it again while my team were doing etho-botany research in the forest during my recent research field trip. 🙂

Now, I have a ‘helicopter’ fruit exhibited on my workstation. 😉

Do you know the scientific name for this ‘helicopter’ fruit?

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  1. pilgrimsmaster

    8 November, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    shorea macrophylla aka illipe nut ;D

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