The Natural Soap

Never under estimate or never take for granted on any plants in the forest coz you’ll never know, it would be useful to you, some day. 😉

For that, I would like to share with you a type of plant that I discovered during my research field trip in the Baram area which I never thought of doing wonders.

introducing to you - kelang burak

‘Kelang Burak’ as what it is known to the Penan and it’s a type of plant that had small leaves and can be found grow wild mostly along river banks. Generally, it has similar look with other type of plants along the river bank and to recognise it is by plucking the leave and smell it. 🙂

However, only an expert can recognise the plant as it requires years of studying it and I’m lucky to have Mr. Uket to share his etho-botany knowledge with me on ‘Kelang Burak’. In the old days, ‘kelang burak’ is often used as a substitute to soap.

Back then when the villager came back from hunting, they usually get their ‘hunting trophies’ cleanse at the river bank and ‘kelang burak’ is normally used to cleanse their hand or feet after the cleaning process is done. 

mr uket is squeezing the 'kelang burak' leaves on his palm

a close up of the squeezing and rubbing process ;p

Once done, you can wash and rinse your finger. It leave an antiseptic smell on your hand. I kid you not. 🙂

ps-i wonder what’s the scientific name for this plant? anyone know?

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