The Parent Nostalgia

I woke up this morning and went online. To my surprise, I saw my parent old photos which was uploaded by my sister in her FaceBook* profile. Going through some old photos with my parent, not only it made the family bond grow stronger but each photos comes with its own story.


Mom was a state basketball player back in the 70s. At that time, she was the first native basketball player as basketball sport is dominantly consist of Chinese players. I think it is still like that until today. Not only she’s good at the sport but she was seen as unique too due to her long earlobe. I think that has attracted my dad to get to know her more and eventually marrying her. 😉

my mom is the last generation of the long earlobes.

Back then, lovebirds uses snail mail for their love letters and exchanging photos. My parent did that too. During their early stage of relationship, both of them exchange photos and dad wrote, “Till Death Do Us Apart. Love, Dan” behind this particular photo.

so do i look like my dad? no wonder my mom fall for my dad. my dad is sooooo handsome. -__-

* – i dont have my own FaceBook profile yet but i can access FaceBook as i am given the password to access their profile. for the record, im their FarmVille appointed farmer. 🙂

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