The RollerCoaster Rides

The weather is un-predictable lately.

One day it’s pouring, one day it’s drizzling, one day it’s bright and sunny and the following day it rains again. As if it goes back in a cycle. Having said that, somehow it’s reflecting similar pictures of what I’m currently going through.

Yes, life is a rollercoaster after all. One moment, you’re up there and one moment you’re down there. But that doesn’t mean by going through the ups and downs, I have to follow the flow. I just have to stay firm and strong. Yes, there are times where it will get me really down but I just have to make sure it doesn’t get me carried away for too long. It’s bad for me and also to those surrounding me.

When I look back, by going through the ups and downs, somehow it made and moulds you into a better person; a wiser person. 🙂

I have many plans ahead (who don’t) and the challenge is to make respective plan happen. Only time will tell and I think that’s just the nature of God’s creation. I have faith, hope and trust in HIM. Yes, I do.

Looking back at the recent Borneo Research Council Conference held at my university, I see hope for me to go far from where I’m standing right now. Priceless experiences were gained out of it. Really. For a ‘greenhorn’ like me, to be able to present yourself and a paper in front of a group of scholars whom you cited their contributions in your research and assignment is such a nerve breaking moment yet you’ll get a wonderful feeling in return upon receiving positive feedback from them. They’re so humble and gentle people.

To get close and personal with the scholars is exactly like having butterflies on your tummy for weeks after shaking hand or getting autograph from your favorite celebrities. Well, they are indeed celebrity in their own field and I’m glad that I’m one of the lucky people to meet them in real apart from reading their publications or fly just to meet up with them.

I wish my university can host the same conference again in 2 years to come. 😉

The conference last for 3 days and the following day, I flew to Kuching to join my part timer team for the 2010 Rainforest World Music Festival. This year is my 3rd year of involvement; I treat it as a side income and leisure at the same time. I enjoyed being part of the team but this year, things seem to be out of hand. There are plenty of issues going on and having me in the middle of situation somehow gave me some advantage of knowing internal and external information that the public are not even aware of. To my surprise, the media knew about it too. ;p

I spend 6 days at Kuching and when I came back to Miri, I somehow miss the Cat City. I think it must be the food and the company of long lost friends and new friends. As I was in the progress of getting over my ‘cat city home sick’, I was given unpleasant news pertaining to my exam result; from Distinction to Credit grade. I was told my mark was sent for moderation hence explains the Credit grade. Of course, I am freaking pissed about it.

I find it bias and not fair as my exam is moderated by someone who teaches me only 1 module and even skipped lecture and tutorial sessions (tell me about academician integrity). I have few more days to lodge an official appeal on my exam score to the Dean but I have a dilemma to dwell with. If I do that, it will effect (probably jeopardize) my lecturer career prospect. I know too much of information.  I really want to have good mark record but on the other hand, by doing so; it will make my lecturer look bad. If I don’t do that, I’ll have average mark record. To do or not to do? Helppppp…

I somehow get distracted on the issue awhile when Heidi Munan (Honorary Curator of Beads, Sarawak Muzeum) extended a verbal invitation to me as one of the speaker in the upcoming Borneo International Beads Conference 2010 which will be held in Miri soon. I felt honored and indeed this is once in a lifetime opportunity. Until I received the official invitation as a speaker, then only I will work on my paper. For now, it’s my exam score is still bugging me. 🙁

Another event that I look forward to attend is the Gathering of the Tribes.

the official pamphlet

One of the guest speakers is Lars Krutak (a tattoo anthropologist). His tv show entitled ‘Tattoo Man’ shown at National Geographic channel. He has 1 bunga terung tattoo on his upper body part and I heard he intend to get 1 more bunga terung tattoo to make it a pair. The event will feature Borneo cultures related such as tribal rituals & ceremonies, tribal artifacts, tribal performances, authentic iban weaving, tribal hand tapping tattoo and tribal cuisine. This is where one will get to see the diversity of ethnic groups in Sarawak under one roof. The event is endorsed by Sarawak Convention Bureau.

Thank you to Vernon Kedit for sharing the information to me during the recent conference and he even extended a proposal on conducting a workshop during the event after attended my paper presentation. Again, I felt honored but my mind is not really into it now as the exam score issue is still in the head. 🙁

Knowing the fact that Vernon is also a blogger, I suggested him to get bloggers to promote the event hence explain Sarawak Blogger community may be appointed as part of the organizer media representative. Finger crossed on this as the core team of Sarawak Blogger is working closely with Vernon. 😉

Did I tell you Vernon is such a sweet guy? Wait for my next post. ;p

Well, there go my rollercoaster experiences since my last blog update. Will there be more coming? I think so. But will I be ready for it? I don’t know.

Life is so un-predictable sometimes. Just like the weather forecast.



  1. stprada

    23 July, 2010 at 11:47 pm

    once faced similar situation as you. My course-mates and i, brought the matter to the dean, but we did not point finger to our lecturer. Maybe you can asked for your paper to be re-checked by another lecturer on the ground that you have work hard on the paper and that you want a second opinion on it. 😉

    1. ladybirdmollyz

      24 July, 2010 at 11:03 am

      highlighted the matter to the Dean already and still no result. so im gonna lodge my formal ‘appeal’ this monday. 🙂

  2. stprada

    24 July, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    Nice! I doubt you’ll need this but i’ll cross my fingers for u anyway…for luck. 🙂

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