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Anchor Food Professionals launched its artisanal pizzas through PizzArt Campaign. The campaign were launched nationwide from May to mid-November 2017 together with 24 selected outlets in West and East Malaysia. When the invitation was extended to the Sarawak Bloggers Society, we the Miri based bloggers were pretty excited to cover the launching event held at Chillax Café & Bistro, Miri.

Miri based bloggers (Sarawak Bloggers Society) with Fonterra rep and Chillax Cafe & Bistro’s Owner
Ju Yi, Anchor Food Internationals Rep brief the bloggers on the pizzart campaign
Karl, Chillax Cafe & Bistro’s Owner with Teo, Business Development Executive of Fonterra Brands Malaysia

In Miri, one can only get this exclusive artisanal pizzas experiences at Chillax Café & Bistro.
To Mirians, you got to check this out. Seeing is believing. Gastronomic orgasm is guaranteed! I. Kid. You. Not.

Move aside typical pizza! Give way to the artisan pizzas!
The campaign takes the enjoyment of pizza into an art form hence PizzArt. The artisanal pizza were conceptualized and created by the Anchor Food Professionals’ Chefs and introduced few masterpieces that are just waiting to be devoured.

Chefs from the participating outlet are trained with specialized skills by skillful Anchor Food Internationals’ Chef in preparation for the launch of the campaign. When I stated participating outlet here, these outlets are ‘hand pick’ by Anchor Food Professional based on specific criteria.

The recipes of the artisan pizzas only from the finest ingredients such as Anchor Mozzarella Shredded Cheese, Anchor Unsalted Butter, Anchor Colby Cheese, Anchor Cheddar Cheese and Mainland Edam Cheese. These Fonterra dairy products are the top under the dairy section in Malaysia under the Anchor brand.

“Malaysians are increasingly leading busier lifestyles and are grabbing food on the go or dining out. Our insights show us that Malaysians generally love pizzas. We wanted to excite them further by taking the enjoyment of pizza a level up by introducing extraordinary, gourmet pizzas that are taking the world by storm. If you love pizzas then this is a must try,” said Mr Teo, Business Development Executive of Fonterra Brands Malaysia.

If you’re a pizza lover, cheese lover or claimed to be a hard core foodie, trust me, these range of artisan pizzas deliver!

Be hold!
Viewer discretion is advised. The following content may contain elements that will encourage uncontrollably drooling for some audience. No shit!

Pizza Bombs
The name itself got you visualizing explosion of flavor, right? However, the pizza bombs are not available at Chillax Café & Bistro yet. But let me know show you how it look like coz you may wanna give it a try at other participating outlets.

pic credits to Anchor Food Internationals

Flower Pizza
The avant-garde masterpiece of all! Again, it is yet to be available at Chillax Café & Bistro. But no harm to give it a try at other participating outlets, right?

pic credits to Anchor Food Internationals

So which pizzas do they have then?!

Muffin Pizza
Never underestimate this bite sized version of pizza. It may look small yet it is so satisfying and indeed a hearty pizza. The pizza dough was soft and chewy kept all the flavors in it while the mozzarella and cheddar cheese steaming inside. For this particular pizza, smoked minced duck meat is used.

Perfect for snacks. Best to pair it with black coffee, I think! Muffin Pizza or preferred to be known as ‘Lil Quack’ by Chillax CafĂ© & Bistro is RM12.90.

Pot Pie Pizza
The medium pot size pizza is another must try artisan pizza. The pot size dough stores steaming juicy minced lamb meat with mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Delish to the max!

Best to pair this dish with red wine, I think! Pot Pie Pizza is RM17.90.

Adjaruli Khacapuri
This traditional Georgian cheese and egg bread is best eaten hot. The boat shaped pizza is filled with hot cheese, butter and an egg yolk. To appreciate this savory pizza, you need to stir the egg yolk, butter and the cheese together then tear pieces of the fluffy crust to DUNK into the cheesy well. Yum! It. Is. So. Yummy. And. Cheesey-licious!

see how gooey the cheeses are

Perfect for those who wish to cut down meat intake or perfectly suitable dish for semi-vegetarian or lacto-ovo-vegetarian. The damage to your wallet is only RM16.90.

So, there you have it. These ultimate pizza experiences are only available at Chillax CafĂ© & Bistro, Miri. The pizzas are also safe for Muslim guest to consume as all of the used products are halal. The cafĂ© doesn’t carry any halal signage as the cafĂ© served alcohol beverages.

Although the pizzart campaign last till this November, depending on the participating outlets, the artisan pizzas will stay in their menu.

If you’re a fridge magnet collector, with any purchase of the mentioned pizzas, you’ll get a limited edition fridge magnet. There are six different type of fridge magnet to be collected. Grab it fast while the stock lasts!

These artisanal pizzas are also available at..

1. The Chubs Grill (Sabah)
2. Mad Ben Cafe (Sabah)
3. Coup De Grill ( Bintulu)
4. Bistecca & Bistro ( Sibu)
5. Movida ( Branches in KL, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka & Johor)
6. U Pizzeria ( Klang Valley & Perak)
7. US Pizza, Bayan Lepas & Georgetown ( Penang)
8. Lunarich ( Penang)
9. Ejohng Concept ( Johor)

..If you happen to be near or around at any of those mentioned areas, do check them out!

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With the recent rebranding, Anchor Food Professionals acted as consultant; working behind the scenes delivering new taste and products for chef, baker, caterer, commercial kitchen, hotel, restaurants and cafĂ©. They also helped businesses with all aspects from front-of-house presentation, pricing, promotion, enhancing yield and taste by delivering exciting new menu alternatives. By getting to know their client business better, Anchor Food Professionals used the knowledge and optimizing their dairy ingredients using Fonterra’s world leading research and development capability to meet the specific needs of chef, baker and restaurant owner.

Currently, the café is operating at a two units of shop lot and is extending the café space to one more unit. The additional unit will be fully air-conditioned. Renovation is currently in progress and expected to complete end of the year.

Chillax Café & Bistro is located at Lot 2085 & 2084 Ground Floor, Jalan MS1/1, Marina Square 1, Marina Parkcity. For further information, head to their official FaceBook page.

Early this year, Chillax CafĂ© & Bistro expanded its wing to the ‘Land Below The Wind’. The cafĂ© branch is located at Imago Mall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Till then people, have a cheesey-licious weekend ahead! 😉

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