Tuesday Reflections

This morning I went to the library to get me some books. All of ‘em are for assignment references which all of it are essential texts; out of six, I can only find three. I will find the other three after I’m done with the current three books. Oh boy I will be doing lotsa of reading for this semester. Tonight, I have to do reading on documentary screen along with the documentary screening film synopsis which entitled ‘Forbidden Lies’. I guess I might stay up late again tonight.

I am yet to work on my screen analysis and eJournal. 🙁

On the other note, I realized my domain storage has hit the quota upon doing some domain backup. Few months back (my domain was hacked and I was like a monkey jumping up and down, pulling any hair available on my body for panicking), I have bad experience dealing with the current webhost company so I wasn’t really excited approaching them on upgrading my current package. Since I need to blog and I need some more space with heavy heart, I sent them an email of query. Within few minutes, it was replied. Back in the head, I was like

“You must be kidding me, right? OK, let see whether you are that efficient in handling me”.

In total, I have 5 email correspondences with them and finally my domain storage has been increased within less than 24 hours although I was told that the upgrading process will take within 24 hours after the payment is settled. They made me very happy customer. Like I mentioned in my twitter “It must be the blessings of Ramadan”. 😉

I hope the customer service remains the same coz I don’t wanna go through the past experience where my emails was late responded and they never bother to answer my calls.

Moving on the fixed assets thingy, at first, I thought it will be a tedious process (actually it is a tedious and meticulous process) but after getting some clarification on certain issues, slowly I am picking up the momentum and I have the feelings that I can finish the reconciliation in time. 🙂

How’s your day so far?
Does it treat you well too?


  1. azeanthy paiman

    2 August, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    nice post sis ellen. keep on writing!=)

    1. ladybirdmollyz

      3 August, 2011 at 6:06 am

      thank you dear and you too.. 🙂

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