UnExpected yet Scary

Last night, I left office quite late as I was working on the upcoming annual dinner preparations. I couldn’t really focus on it during normal office hours due to some happening events in campus and not to mention some ad-hoc tasks comes in between.

Anyway, as I drove back the usual route I took, I noticed that cars ahead of me were slowing down and immediately I know there’s a roadblock ahead. True enough as I was approaching the stop checkpoint, I saw a blue uniform officers (JPJ & PDRM) standing in the middle of the road.

As this young and sweet JPJ officer stopped the car in front of me, he looked at me and smiled so I smiled back (as a courtesy lah, I usually smiled back to those I know in person). I saw the driver ahead of me showing his driving licence and while the smiley JPJ officer talked to the driver, he looked at me and smiled again. Back in my head, I was wondering why the fella was so generous with his smile.

So, when the car in front of me speed off, I drove my car slowly toward him, stopped next to that fella and was ready to take out my purse from my handbag then he said..

Officer: Baru balik kerja?
Me: Ya.
Officer: Boleh bagi nombor telefon? *smiled*
Me: *shocked then smiled back*  Maaf encik. Anda silap, disini bukan tempat talian khidmat sosial. Tumpang lalu dulu ya, kerja elok elok tau.

*drive slowly from his sight, managed to peep my rear mirror to see his reaction and apparently he acted normal by continuing his duty*

Along the way home, I couldn’t stop thinking of what has just happened. I was expecting him to scream at me when I just drove off like that and if that happens, I was ready for it anyway. But what was that for at the first place? Was it part of the plan of executing a roadblock routine? Am I a random victim here?

Whatever it is, it does freak me out and I now fear for my safety especially going back home late from office. Can’t really trust uniformed officers nowadays anyway.

*placed a sword underneath car seat*

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6 thoughts on “UnExpected yet Scary

  1. dayakgold

    in a way it’s a compliment io guess haha. typical la guys will use whatever advantge they get to hit on the ladies, some more uniform usually makes some ppl meleleh hahaha.

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