Virtual Friends

I can consider myself as an adventurous person especially when it comes to meet new people. I wasn’t like this before…seriously…I was a very shy and timid person until I get myself involved in….tell you guys more about this later in my coming postings mmmuueehehehe…;)

Noticed that most of us are bit skeptical especially on virtual relationships. I mean it could be any form of relationship that started from the internet regardless it’s via chatting programs, electronic pen-pal programs or just name anything that can link individuals to commit a relationship either it’s just a normal friendship or even more than that.

I heard lots of bad perseptions instead of good comments about this and as for me, as long as you know your standing in this matter, you’ll be fine and safe..:)

My 1st gathering at Sultana Cafe

I can say I’m lucky when I get to know about website. Thanks to Jack!!( administrator). Not only I got to share my ‘2cts’ postings (yang ntah papa jer hehehe..;p), I get to make new friends from the forum and also ‘jejak kasih’ with my ex-colleagues & schoolmates. The world is small indeed when it comes to ‘technology’. 🙂

My 2nd gathering cum Bowling Game

So far, I managed to meet up some of the members in person and looking forward to meet up with others. We managed to organise 2 gatherings which 1 of it co-ordinated by me…Bottom line here based on my 2cts view, it’s all about your sincerity in a relationship…things will work out just fine when you are sincere about it and it will turn bad when you are not really into it. 🙂

D Bowling Angels of ;p


  1. Sileast20

    3 November, 2006 at 2:11 am

    Waaahhh….so nice…..I think I will join the web page…..oh wait …..I think I did join…..hei I did……
    Wonder why I am not in the picture/?

  2. Mystery LadyBird

    3 November, 2006 at 2:24 am

    Nang ngada ko tok dengg…cepat2 la balit kt sitok baru ktk duak posing sakan…leh juak ku derma pic ko kt blog ku tok..;)

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