What’s Family ReUnion Mean To Me

With all of the siblings busy leading their own life, it is only during family reunion when most of families out there get to gather as a family during festive celebration. I think it happen to almost any other family out there and it’s not an exceptional to my family too.

Having grown and brought up in two different culture and tradition, I get to experience Chinese New Year festive celebration more. Back then as a kid, it was something to look forward to. This is when the siblings get to put on new clothes, getting red packets from parent and relatives, endulged oneself with abundance of food and drink. It was such a bliss!

As I grow older, it was no longer a celebration to me but it was more kind of responsibilities where not only I get to clean and decorate the house but I have to put aside some saving for the festive celebration.

Today, I realised that it was not just responsibility but it was also the moment of reflections. Reflections of past and present. Reflections on the humble family journey on celebrating, cheerishing and preserving the festive tradition at the same time. It was the family bonding that matter the most. I realised that it is the past that had made of what we are today.

For that I’m grateful coz I know not many of us are fortunate. It does not matter how much we earn or who we are in the society but it is how we see ourselves grow. I think there’s a reason why family reunion is important and I think I know it now.

How about you?

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  1. cylia

    5 February, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    “family bonding that matter the most”
    thats very true..

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