Where Have I Been??


Been busy with my upcoming traveling preparations and that partially explains why my blog is not updated lately. I’ve received few gentle reminders via phone calls, emails and text messages from my faithful blog readers to update my blog and I’m touched by those gestures. Some thought I was love sick due to my Valentine oath. Some thought I was sick for real.

Whatever it is guys, I’m touched, really. Thank you for the moral supports given. Thank you for willing to spend time to read my ‘craps’ in my blog. Thank you for being there for me and there’s nothing more I can ask for.

Hugs and kisses goes to you all. 🙂

I’ve just got my e-ticket via email from my travel agent for my next trip. I’ll be leaving Miri this coming Sunday to the Cat CityKuching. I’ll be visiting schools in Kuching and a fair to attend at Kuching Civic Centre. I wish I can prolong my stay in the Cat City as it’s well known as the ‘Heaven of Food’ and I can spend more time at ‘The Spring’. Too bad I have to rush back to Miri on the 28th as I’ll be leaving Miri again for Surabaya on the 29th.

If it wasn’t due to unforeseen reasons, I would have just fly to Surabaya from the Cat City on the 29th itself. But I have to come back to Miri to settle some office matters. Sometimes, things don’t happen the way you want it though there are planning involved and that sucks!

Worst still when someone’s fault involved gggrrrrrrrrrr… 🙁

I’m keeping my finger cross on my Surabaya trip as this going to be my first time trip there. I usually look forward to travel to places that I never been before but I kind of freak out going to Surabaya. I don’t know why and I can’t explain why.

I’ll be back to Miri on the 4th of March should there is no delay involved. For the very first time, I’ll be flying via Garuda Air (I’m scared but excited at the same time as it’s my first time) from Surabaya to Jakarta but will be flying via MAS from Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur route and Kuala Lumpur-Miri route. Yes…I’ll be ‘airport hopping’ on the 4th of March so wish me luck on this. I hope it’s going to be an interesting experience for me. I hope so…

Issskkk…I guess I’m being paranoid here…issskkk…issskkk…isskkk…

I have a week to settle down before I fly again for my next trip – Kuala Lumpur. I’ll be there for almost a week and I have planned to stay at ‘KL Golden Triangle’ – Bukit Bintang area. I just can’t wait to pay Low Yatt a visit & hanging out at Planet Hollywood to catch up with some virtual friends. So, Sileast if you are reading this, make sure you are on standby mode because I’m the type that can’t receive any excuses. ;p

My last trip would end at Kota Kinabalu (I hope so), Sabah. I’m looking forward to visit Sabah again as my last trip were back in the early 90s’ during my International Scout Jamboree held at Tambunan, Sabah. I can’t wait to explore the Filipino market as I heard it has been upgraded. And if can, I would love to visit the Sabah Foundation and take picture of it as I did not manage to do so during my last trip. I hope to meet ‘Mel’ in person too and same goes to few of my Friendster’s friends in Sabah. 😉

*in a whispering mode – i want to buy myself a bikini in Sabah ssshhhh…*

There you have it – a summary of my disappearance. Believe me, it may sound interesting and exciting but I went through ‘hell’ with the preparations. As a matter of fact, I’ve been working on it after coming back from my Chinese New Year holidays until today. I have 4 more days to go in order to sort things out before I start to travel on this Sunday.

Not only it requires my physical efforts as there are plenty of material packing involved but it also involves some ‘brain damage control’ as you’ll be dealing with different personalities of individual along the process of getting things done. I’m lucky that I didn’t go insane. ;p

It is really challenging and surprisingly I liked it!


  1. Anonymous

    19 February, 2008 at 6:24 am

    i was too at the jamboree 1992 tambunan sabah… miri 09

  2. Anonymous

    19 February, 2008 at 6:25 am

    hi there i was in tambunan for jamboree 1992…. manage to get lencana kinabalu …. miri 09

  3. Mystery LadyBird

    19 February, 2008 at 6:38 am

    Hello Anonymous,
    glad 2 hear tat..well as a ‘Pemimpin’ i don nd 2climb d Kinabalu Mount 2gt d lencana as i cn get it easily hehehe…i’ve got 2 lencana actually whch i 4got wat was d othr one call ahakz…my scout uniform hs been hanging in my closet for more than a decade d hehehe…

    i ws leading d Baram group n later combined wt d Miri contigent bck thn…i oso did perform Swk traditional dance drg d jamboree closing ceremony… 😉

  4. Sileast20

    19 February, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    So ermm.. I am reading now and I see u are coming towards where I am… So okie… When are U coming so that I could make travel arrangements to go out station?? hehehehe…..Joking Joking…. Anyway, it would be fun to see U here and do give me a call when u you’re around.

  5. Mystery LadyBird

    20 February, 2008 at 12:00 am

    u cn hide bt u cnt run away frm me, i knw wer u stay dude n wif jst a call u wud b surprise 2c yr apartment been ‘molested’ ahakz…jk 😉

    mun dpt lah deng, aku maok g jln2 cari makan sia we go n visit ‘Old Town’ 4 white coffee nngeeee…nyum nyummm.. 😉

  6. Nightwing

    20 February, 2008 at 2:25 am

    All the best for ur up coming trips.

    Remember to drink plenty of water.

    And on the 8th of March…remember to do ur duty as a citizen…:)

  7. Mystery LadyBird

    20 February, 2008 at 3:03 am

    noted d advice dude 😉

    perform my duty as a citizen on d 8th of March eeerrrrrrr…

  8. U.Lee

    20 February, 2008 at 3:41 am

    Hi Ladybird, wow! You sure going places.
    But have fun, and enjoy your visit to KL and Indonesia.
    Aha, you getting a ‘bikini’? Now, thats what I call shopping! ha ha.
    Where you going swimming?
    Wonder where I put my Zoom lens? Ha ha.
    Thats a gorgeous picture you have here. WOW! You sure look breathtakingly beautiful! Got to beat my chest to get the heart pumping again, ha ha.
    You have a good trip, Ladybird, and Godspeed.
    Keep in touch.
    Best regards, Lee.

  9. Mystery LadyBird

    20 February, 2008 at 3:51 am

    yup im looking forward to the trips and fun & adventure are expected thru out the trips. do pray for my safe return will ya.. 🙂

    as Sabah are well known for it beaches, i was thinking to have a pair of bikini for myself and only the lucky one will get to see me in it..

    thanks for the compliment on d pic. it was taken by Sileast.. 😉

  10. melbie

    21 February, 2008 at 1:23 am

    Hey, I’m mentioned here too! 🙂 hehe .. I hope I’ll get to see you in person too, LadyBird. Really looking forward to it 🙂

    Filipino Market? If you’re anything like my cousin’s gf, then be prepared to get “rambang mata” there .. lol

  11. Mystery LadyBird

    21 February, 2008 at 1:47 am

    mmg pun dulu aku sudah ‘rambang mata’ bila pegi sana…harap2 aku tidak jadi ‘mata keranjang’ sajak di sana nanti ahakz.. ;p

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