You’ve Been Accepted

I was delighted to receive an official email from the 2010 Borneo Research Council Conference Secretariat today. It is indeed good news. The abstract submitted for the upcoming world level conference has been accepted and request for full paper submission is required.

ย the brcc confirmation notice

To present a paper for the first time in this world level conference is a big deal for me although I have Terry (the mentor) as my partner during the presentation later. Both of us will start to finalized whatever notes taken from last year to be presented in a proper manner.

The whole thing is stressing me out (as I am a ‘green horn’ in this field) when I am also part of the organizing committee team but for the sake of gaining exposure and experience (started by curiosity-told you im a very curious person), I’ve made a commitment.

A commitment that requires me to sacrifice my quality time with my loved one; less partying, less studying, less cooking, less sport activity, less pampering myself (manicure,pedicure,facial), less doing house chore-ring, less cam-whoring, what ever ring ring, bottom line is my weekend will never be the same again. ;p

Whatever it is, the weekend will be fully allocated for conference paper management as by next week, I have to attend class already and that requires plenty of readings, assignment projects submission and another upcoming field trip. It is tough, really.

I also find that it is tough and challenging for a working adult like me when one has to balance up their time with career, studies, community works and personal matters. Period. Now, I begin to appreciate new student life (fresh school leaver entering tertiary education level) and envy them where they just need to worry purely working on their studies unlike what I have to go through.

But then again I’m looking things from the positive side; I believe there’s a blessing in disguise. ๐Ÿ˜‰

ps- is meeting up with talented young sape players to further discuss on sape musical performances in the upcoming conference this Sunday. ๐Ÿ™‚

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