Yuhuuu I’m Back!!

Back to work today and the office is very quiet. I kind of liking it that way. At least, I have a peaceful moment from not hearing gossips from ‘mentally ill’ people. Yes, you know who am I refering to.

Yesterday was a tiring journey back to Miri and yes, I travel back via land again and this time with my sister. I did took some shots and filmed the bumpy and dusty journey. Hopefully I can download and edit it the soonest possible as I need it for my research project and some are intended to be used in my upcoming blog post. ๐Ÿ˜‰

the bumpy and dusty road to marudi

half way reaching marudi

boarding on sg. arang ferry (one has to go thru 2 ferry points to reach marudi)

Going back to hometown kinda brought back lots of memories (sweet and sour memories) too but most of it are sweet. Going back this time round too was not just about family gathering but also a moment to cheerish and strengthen the family bondings.

a family photo taken during one of the lunar new year celebration back in the 80's

look at how big we have grown up

the extended family members

This year was a special year to celebrate too in my family. The family was blessed with a new family member thus made me an aunt for the first time (my niece-Nur Aleesya looks exactly like me when I was at her age). My 2nd brother is expecting his first child (wife is 6 months pregnant now) and looking forward to celebrate next year lunar celebration with another new family member.

with my niece-nur aleesya

the uncle, the aunties, the nephews and the niece

One of my mission this time was also to go through old photos of mine and going through it brought back nostalgic memories. I miss those time, really. I wish I can ‘rewind’ the time and cheerish the moment for the 2nd time. *sniff sniff sniff*

i liked the shot the most and i was literally 'tortured' model by my dad under the hot sun.

me with the 80's dress fashion. taken at sibu airport. i look so stiff, omg! ;p

Like I said, this year was a special year for me to celebrate. Yes, I did shed some tears and it was tears of joy and happiness. May the year of Tiger be a year of prosperous, healthy and success year for me.

How’s your lunar year celebration?? ๐Ÿ™‚

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8 thoughts on “Yuhuuu I’m Back!!

    1. ladybirdmollyz Post author

      you don’t need to go thru brunei via the route that i took. with a 4wd vehicle, the journey only take 1.5hours.

      fyi, this route is known as ‘jalan tikus’ and rumours on proper road will be built soon to marudi and that will go thru the asean bridge.

      however, that was told few years back till now nothing has been done. perhaps the government is reserving that issue for the next election to win the people heart. i kid you not. ๐Ÿ™‚

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