Zee Avi Homecoming Concert 2012: Behind the Scene/ Concert

Behind the Scene
Being the Liaison Officer for one of the band (The Starlets) who performed in one of the concert opening act is indeed a tiring task yet fun at the same time. Report for duty as early as 6pm, collected my wristband pass and started to survey the concert venue: green room and backstage. I worked closely with the Schleppers team as they would inform me on when to get the band ready for their performance act. Once I am fully brief on the concert schedules, I immediately contacted the band to standby at the green room prior to their opening performance.

The Concert
The night kicks off with the first opening act performed by The Lozenges. To my surprise, The Lozenges consist of Curtin students wrote their own songs and are pretty much had John Mayer and Coldplay influences. Proud for you guys!

After the sentimental and mellow performances by the Lozenges, the night getting hot and wild soon as The Starlets performed. The all girls band started with a Dangdut number, followed by series of 70s, rock, r&b and pop numbers which does hype up the concert mood. I can’t help myself moves by the beats behind the backstage.

The concert finale was the much awaited performance by Zee Avi herself. With the soft yet clear vocal projection, cheeky yet soothing to the ear melodies, one can easily get carried away to another world when each song is sang. Not only has she sung, Zee Avi played the musical instruments too. In total, she sang 13 songs altogether from her 1st and 2nd album. It was an awesome performance and I really liked it so much when she puts own traditional Sarawak elements into her attires. Kamek suka!

Zee Avi Accolades
In 2011, the Sarawak state government awarded her with ‘Youth Icon (International) Award’ for her achievements in conjunction of National Youth Assembly Day 2011 Sarawak State Level. On top of that, Zee Avi is also appointed as Ambassador of Tourism Sarawak to Sarawak Tourism Board which is endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism Sarawak. You’ve made Sarawakian proud of you girl so keep it up. Iboh lupak molah banyak gik lagu dalam bahasa Sarawak juak. 🙂

Thank you Sarawak Tourism Board
The event coverage as a blogger and a Liaison Officer made possible by the Sarawak Tourism Board. On behalf of Sarawak Bloggers team, thank you for having the trust in us bloggers to share our experience in our own unique way and with the social media networking technology availability, we even tweet about the event and upload shots of memorable moment in FaceBook, hoping it helps to spread the news globally. Thank you too for organizing the first international concert and we Mirian look forward for more of such event in the near future. 😉

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