Zee Avi Homecoming Concert 2012 : My Checklist

Rushed from office heading to ParkCity Everly Hotel for Zee Avi Homecoming concert briefing. The briefing was conducted by the organizer: Sarawak Tourism Board which was held at one of the hotel function room. I was surprised to see familiar faces among the volunteer group (most of them were Borneo Jazz 2012 Fest volunteers) and at the same time I get to make new friend too.

In the briefing, we were informed duly on our roles, working schedules, venue layout and the best part was when we get our freebies. Zee Avi herself did dropped by to say hi to us for awhile, deep inside I thought of get hold of her for a snapshot but as it was in the midst of briefing session, I have to let go of the thought. 🙁

Anyhoo, although we get to enjoy the perks here (if that’s what you think), it comes with a responsibility (no such thing as free lunch yo!).

In few hours, I’ll be meeting up with ‘The Starlets Band’ during their sound check session. This band is one of the selected local band (The Lozenges is the other band) to perform during Zee Avi Homecoming concert later. Oh boyyy I can’t wait to see them perform later and I definitely will tweet about it too.

So, remember to follow Zee Avi Homecoming Concert 2012 hash tag – #zeeavi2012 if you’re a Twitterer. 😉

If you have not got your ticket to the concert yet, no worries! You can purchase the concert tickets at Visitor Information Centre. Tickets are also on sale at the Miri Indoor Stadium main entrance which will only open at 6pm, today.

For the record, Zee Avi Homecoming Concert 2012 is the first international concert ever organized by Sarawak Tourism Board and I was delighted to know that the 2 selected local bands (The Lozenges & The Starlets Band) have their own group of fans too. Keep it up guys! 🙂

OK done with my quick update and I need to rush for the sound check session. Till then, enjoy the weekend people.

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