Zee Avi Homecoming Concert 2012 : Teaser

Who is Zee Avi?
She’s a Malaysian singer, song-writer, guitarist and also a ukulele player. She’s a Mirian (as she was born in Miri) and I’m pretty proud of this petite lady achievements. Who would think by posting a video of her song performance to her friends in YouTube had captured the heart of renowned musician, Patrick Keeler of The Raconteurs. From there, her journey begins and the rest was history.

This indie rock singer has been performing and touring with various musicians in the United States and by far had produced a debut album entitled ‘ZeeAvi’  which was sold 6,000 copies in the United States in its first 2 weeks of release in the year of 2009. Her first single ‘Bitter Heart’ was a hit by then. I love that song. 🙂

In June, 2011 she released a new single entitled ‘The Book of Morris Johnson’ (Monotone/Brushfire/Universal Republic Records) on iTunes.  It was premiered in YouTube on July 27, 2011. By 23rd Aug 2011, she released a second album entitled ‘Ghostbird’.

Last year (2011), the Sarawak state government awarded her with ‘Youth Icon (International) Award’ for her achievements in conjunction of National Youth Assembly Day 2011 Sarawak State Level.

The Homecoming Concert
The concert is organized by Sarawak Tourism Board and as a Mirian myself, I felt grateful for able to witness live performances (soon) by Zee Avi herself. It is not easy to have an international artist to perform in Miri. I feel Mirian should support the homecoming concert (mun bukan urang kita dirik mpun sapa gik nak).

In this concert, there would be opening acts where they will feature 2 local bands – The Lozenges and The Starlets Band.

What is it for me?
For the record, I’ll be on duty during the concert as a Liaison Officer to The Starlets Band. A briefing session will be held prior to the concert and I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to have a ‘up, close and personal’ moment with Zee Avi herself too (iboh torang jeles k).

At the mean time, prior to the upcoming concert, why not listen to some of her songs here. Bestttttttttt kamek madah kat kitak! Sik bulak!

Till then, happy Thursday everyone. 😉


  1. Ukelover

    17 March, 2019 at 2:45 am

    It is pleasure to know a singer Zee Avi who play ukulele .Her story is really inspiring .
    Ukelover recently posted..Best Tenor Ukulele 2019My Profile

    1. LadyBird Eileen®

      17 March, 2019 at 12:15 pm

      yup her story is indeed inspiring. thanks for dropping by 🙂

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